General Surgeon

Angel M. Caban, MD

Dr. Caban is a Board Certified General Surgeon, Fellowship Traineed Bariatric Surgeon and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon.

He is also the Founder and CEO of Minimally Invasive Surgeons of Ocala

Dr. Angel Caban

Dr. Angel Caban, was born and raised in Puerto Rico.  He graduated from college Magna Cum Laude from the University of Puerto Rico.  Dr Angel Caban completed his medical degree at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Mexico.  His surgical training as an intern began in New York City at St. Vincents Hospital. From there he transferred to the University of Florida in Gainesville were he completed his surgical training and became a Board Certified General Surgeon by the American Board of Surgery. He then pursued a Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopy and Bariatric Surgery at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas.

” I was very fortunate to train with world class surgeons in the field of General Surgery and Bariatric Surgery”

After finishing his extensive training, Dr Angel Caban joined the faculty at University of Florida and was an Assistant Professor of the Department of Surgery for three and a half years.  He was involved in training medical students, surgical residents and bariatric surgery fellows.  Clinically, he developed a busy practice that involved taking care of highly complex patients requiring advanced laparoscopic skills.  He practiced at Shands Hospital and the Malcom Randal VA Medical Center.

In January of 2014, he parted ways from the academic environment Barbara Calvert Esophagectomyand started his private practice in Ocala, Florida.  In just several months Dr Angel Caban became one of the most prominent surgeons in Marion County.  He has performed many complex procedures at West Marion Community Hospital and Ocala Regional Medical Center.  These procedures include a wide variety of Laparoscopic and Open surgeries.  He recently performed the first Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy in Marion County for esophageal cancer.


Prior to his arrival in Ocala most of this patients had to seek medical attention far from home because of the lack of expertise in the area.  Now the majority of this patients can enjoy world class care closer to their love ones.

Dr Angel Caban takes great care of his patients and his outstanding outcomes are a reflection of his training, expertise and attention to details.