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Inguinal hernia

Abdominal Wall Hernias

A hernia is a defect or weakness in the abdominal wall.  The bulge seen through the skin is usually a portion of the bowel or fat that protrudes through the hernia defect.

Hernias can be seen in many places throughout the abdominal wall.  Some of the most common are Inguinal, Umbilical, Incisional, Ventral or femoral.  They can also be seen inside the abdominal cavity, some examples are: Hiatal, Paraesophageal and/or Diaphragmatic hernia.

Hernia Repair

Does every hernia needs to be repair? The short answer to that is NO. Many factors come into play prior to deciding if a hernia should be repair. Patients with hernias that are enlarging, causing pain or limiting activities should strongly consider surgery.  Also patients experiencing symptoms of incarceration or strangulation should seek medical attention and consider surgery.

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Inguinal Hernias

Dr. Angel Caban and Dr. George Rossidis have performed thousands of hernia repairs throughout their careers.  They trained at large academic institutions which gave them a great degree of exposure to simple and complex abdominal wall hernias.  Our surgeons have not only taught residents and fellows at the University of Florida all the ins and outs of hernia surgery but they also taught hernia courses at national meetings like the American College of Surgeons and SAGES.

In the Ocala, Gainesville and North Central Florida region nobody has more experience repairing complex hernias than Dr. Angel Caban and Dr. George Rossidis.  Our Surgeons can perform Laparoscopic and/or  open repairs.  Have your hernia been repair before, no problem, our surgeons have ample experience repairing recurrent hernias. Looking for a robotic repair?  No problem we do those too.

Call us today to make and appointment and we will meet with you and go over the best hernia repair for YOU. All hernias are different and only an experience surgeon will pick the right repair for YOU.

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